Pre-Order Discount (2013)

We are excited to share from October 1 through October 31, Lettercase products can be pre-ordered for a discount as we prepare for a new printing. Materials that are pre-ordered will be delivered at the end of November. The new printing of the Understanding A Down Syndrome Diagnosis book will add new, more diverse photography as originally recommended by the Down Syndrome Consensus Group.

In addition, we have a created a new Understanding Prenatal Screening and Testing pamphlet specifically for patients who are being offered testing and want more information about the different kinds of testing and the different conditions for which they are being tested, including trisomy conditions, sex chromosome conditions, and neural tube defects. The pamphlet was created with input from our Professional Advisory Committee, including Dr. Brian Skotko; Kathryn Sheets, MS, CGC; Katie Stoll, MS, LGC; Frank Buckley; Dr. Kim Dever; Cam Brasington, MS, CGC; Blythe Crissman, MS, CGC; Melissa Kline Skavlem; Mark Leach, MS, JD; Nancy Iannone, Esq.; Stephanie Thompson; and Dr. Alison Piepmeier, and we are very grateful for their tremendous support and knowledge.

For those who place a pre-order with a minimum purchase of 50, the Kennedy Foundation’s “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” books are available for $7 each; the “Delivering a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” bifolds for medical providers are available for $1 each; and our new “Understanding Prenatal Testing and Screening” pamphlet is also available for $1 each in English and in Spanish for $2.

While the Lettercase products are available for free digitally, printed materials are extremely important for expectant parents first learning about testing or receiving a diagnosis who want scientifically accurate, up-to-date, and balanced information right away in the doctor’s office.

If you’re interested in placing an order, please click a button below to either receive an invoice and pay by check or pay by credit card. Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $25 for each product on orders under 200. Please contact us at if you wish to place a larger order.

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Lettercase is part of the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources, which also includes Brighter Tomorrows and Down Syndrome Pregnancy.

All proceeds are paid to the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute and are used to support the cost of the Lettercase program, including medical outreach and booklet dissemination.