Track the progress we’re making on the collaboration plan:

  1. Convene a consensus development program and a stakeholder consensus group that includes leaders in the disability community in the development of medical guidelines that impact people with disabilities and other historically marginalized populations. 
  2. Develop an online database to connect medical organizations and patient advocacy groups.
  3. Advocate to mandate the inclusion of disability education and equity curriculum in education for the healthcare workforce.
  4. Create or identify an institutional home to be the clearinghouse/hub of information for providers and patients to go to with all conditions commonly screened, information about conditions, recommended organizations.
  5. Develop a collaborative policy group between patient advocacy organizations and medical organizations to work together on policy and advocacy initiatives 
  6. Improve tools to help clinicians when delivering a diagnosis.
  7. Work collaboratively to present at national conferences and present to member institutions on the following topics:
  8. Work on collaborative research projects on the following topics as well as other topics determined through interdisciplinary conversations about research priorities.
  9. Create a collaborative document outlining steps to redefine organizational priorities and principles regarding data instrumentation for collecting and conveying data about disabilities.
  10. Develop templates, initiatives, and campaigns to be used for public awareness and general education purposes.