List of Trained Medical Professionals

The following medical professionals have earned certificates for completing our training module with strategies to improve the diagnosis experience for patients with more up-to-date information about genetic conditions. They have agreed to be listed as clinicians who have completed the module:
PHT 201: Medical Professionals: Improving the Prenatal Diagnosis Experience and Long-Term Patient Outcomes with Accurate, Up-to-Date, and Balanced Information about Genetic Conditions

Telehealth and General

Genetic Support Foundation

Kelly C Donahue, CGC

Katie Stoll, MS, CGC

Nan Doyle, MS, LCGC


Kelli Carpenter at UAB GC student

Sara Cowan, UAB GC student

R Lynn Holt, MS, CGC from the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Whitney T. Narmore, UAB GC student

Emily Oppmann at UAB

Victoria Moy at UAB GC student

Mary Grace Roden, UAB GC student


Cindy Haag, Keck GC student

Hera Haque-Shabbir, MS, CGC

Mara Hernandez, LCGC, from Sutter Health in the Bay Area, California

Shelley Mueller, MS in Riverside, CA

Christine Moles, MSN, RN, RNC-NIC at CHOC Childrens Level IV Neonatal ICU

Rosa Moreno, Keck GC student

Phyllis Pearle, MS, CGC at Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation Prenatal Dx Center

Melissa Randall, MS, LCGC from Keck Graduate Institute

Lindsey Walker, Keck GC student

Hayley Wright, MS, LCGC at Stanford Children’s Health

Alicia Wolfson, Keck GC student


Christine K. Barth, MA, CGC at Vail Health


Maria Gyure, CGC, from the University of Connecticut


Janet Berman, MS, LCGC at Rad Fertility

Nikki Dumigan, MS, at Christiana Care in Delaware


Nevena Krstic, CGC from the University of South Florida

Abby Zale, CGC, at Orlando Health


Amanda Allred, MS, CGC, at University of Illinois-Chicago

Hannah Balka, MS, CGC, at UEW Health in Rockford, Illinois


Lauren Frank, MS, CGC, at Indiana University Health


Nicolette Lawrence at Genescreen Counseling, LLC

John Coomes, University of Kentucky medical student

Omar Brijawi, University of Kentucky medical student

Hares Patel, University of Kentucky medical student

William Lange, University of Kentucky medical student

Anne Lasher, University of Kentucky medical student

Kevin Sarge, University of Kentucky obstetrics medical student

Hanna Carr, University of Kentucky medical student

Maximo Acevedo, University of Kentucky medical student

Ashami Athukorala Cooper, University of Kentucky medical student

Deanna Chesser, University of Kentucky-MSW Graduate Student


Gretchen Parsons, CGC, at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI


Traci Johnson, MD at TMC Med in Kansas City, MO

New Jersey

Erin Barone, MS, LCGC, at New Jersey Perinatal Associates

New Mexico

Kathy Morris, MSSW, LCGC at Pinon Perinatal

North Carolina

Daragh Conrad, MS, CGC, from Wakefield Health in North Carolina

Lauren Masso, CGC, by Atrium Health Women’s Institute, Charlotte, NC


Katherine Carlotti, MS, CGC from Cleveland Clinic


Sara Johnsen, MS, CGC, from Oregon Health & Science University


Abigail Peffer, MS, CGC from UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

South Carolina

Vicki Vincent, CGC, from University of South Carolina at Columbia

Mary Catherine Smith, MS, CGC, at MUSC in Charleston, SC

South Dakota

RaeAnn Kragenbring, MS, CGC, from Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, SD


Janet Ulm, MSSW, CGC, from Regional Obstetric Consultants in Chattanooga, TN


Sandra Darilek, MS, CGC, at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital


Laura Wallace, McMaster University Medical Centre, Hamilton, ON Canada