The resources, tips and ideas that were shared at the training have helped our program get to where it is today. Our efforts continually grow as a result of being involved with the National Center. All of the materials are the most current and up-to-date which make it easier to get in the door with targeted medical professionals. Even after the initial training, support is ongoing. —Kim Baich, New Parent Director, Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

Lettercase hosts a medical outreach program for local organizations who want to provide resources for medical providers and support to expectant parents.

The Prenatal Outreach Program was launched in 2008 and has been used by over 80 local Down syndrome organizations nationwide. The program is available for any local Down syndrome organization to use and to modify the supplemental materials.

The first purpose of the Prenatal Outreach Program is to raise awareness among medical professionals about available resources and support. This is best done by establishing relationships of trust between local parent advocacy organizations and medical providers; distributing materials; offering presentations; and maintaining the professionalism of local organizations.

The Prenatal Outreach Program generally consists of a parent or staff contact for each OB/GYN group in the region. The Prenatal Outreach Representatives replicate the model of a pharmaceutical representative by visiting the OB/GYN offices quarterly to build the relationships, distribute materials, and update the stock of materials as needed. Further, the Prenatal Outreach Representatives offer business cards with contact information to the medical professionals and are available via telephone calls or in person.

Prenatal Outreach Representative training is offered to so that representatives understand the organization and focus of the Prenatal Outreach program. The training also instructs parents and staff about how to act as representatives of local organizations.

If you are interested in further participating in a live webinar or inviting us to participate in your local training, please contact us at


Prenatal Outreach Training Webinar

Recorded Prenatal Testing and Medical Outreach webinar featuring Stephanie Meredith, Mark Leach, and Sarah Cullen. Learn from experts the latest ...
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Presenters at the DSAIA Conference.

Medical Outreach Resource Presentation

Medical Outreach Resource Presentation featuring Sarah Cullen, Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress; Stephanie Meredith, Lettercase; and Heather Bradley, Down Syndrome Diagnosis ...
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You are welcome to adapt any of the templates provided below to use on your own organization letterhead.

Image of conduct policy form.

Conduct Policy

Conduct Policy Template for a Down Syndrome Representative representing a local organization: ConductPolicy ...
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Image of spreadsheet for contact log.

Contact log

Spreadsheet for Prenatal Outreach Representatives to keep track of medical offices visited: contact-log ...
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Image of introduction letter.

Introduction Letter

Introduction Letter Template from local organization to medical office: DSRepIntro ...
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Lunch and Learn Presentation to Deliver to Medical Professionals

Lunch and Learn Presentation to Deliver to Medical Professionals

Lunch and Learn Presentation about Down Syndrome for medical offices: OfficeOutreachPresentation ...
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Webinar: How To Pass a Prenatal Testing Info Law in your State

Webinar How To Pass a Prenatal Testing Info Law in your State by DSAIA, NDSS, and MDSC ...
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