Target Audience: Advocacy organization leaders and medical outreach supervisors

This course is designed to train medical outreach supervisors/staff at advocacy organizations about how to build solid, professional prenatal medical outreach programs. The course includes an overview of prenatal screening technology, strategies for building organizational alliances with the medical community, strategies for engaging in medical outreach and sharing resources about Down syndrome with medical professionals, a curriculum to train and support Prenatal Outreach Representatives who can visit medical professionals in your area, and an overview of resources you can use to share information about Down syndrome and other genetic conditions. The course also includes activities, training videos by experts in the field, and downloadable resources you can use to implement a Prenatal Outreach representative Program in your area

Hours: 2.5

“Our organization completed the medical outreach training 5 years ago. The resources, tips and ideas that were shared at the training have helped our program get to where it is today. Our efforts continually grow as a result of being involved with the National Center. All of the materials are the most current and up-to-date which make it easier to get in the door with targeted medical professionals. Even after the initial training, support is ongoing.”

Kim Baich