Recorded Prenatal Testing and Medical Outreach webinar featuring Stephanie Meredith, Mark Leach, and Sarah Cullen.

Learn from experts the latest in prenatal testing technology and what is currently being done on a national level to provide information and support to new and expectant parents learning about a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. However, with 75,000 medical professionals who may deliver a diagnosis, we need your help to reach every corner of the US.

Join us to receive a comprehensive strategy for what you can do to build a strong medical outreach program and relationships with the medical community so that you can reach doctors in your local area. Building those relationships with medical providers is the key to reaching new and expectant parents so that they can receive the support and information they need at that critical moment of diagnosis.

Your presenters: Stephanie Meredith, Information Services Director/Medical Outreach Director of the Human Development Institute, University of Kentucky Mark Leach, attorney with a Master’s in Bioethics, focusing on health law and public contracts Sarah Cullen, Family Support Director of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress