The first purpose of the Prenatal Outreach Program is to raise awareness among medical professionals about available resources and support. This is best done by establishing relationships of trust between local parent advocacy organizations and medical providers; distributing materials; offering presentations; and maintaining the professionalism of local organizations.

The Prenatal Outreach Program generally consists of a parent or staff contact for each OB/GYN group in the region. The Prenatal Outreach Representatives replicate the model of a pharmaceutical representative by visiting the OB/GYN offices quarterly to build the relationships, distribute materials, and update the stock of materials as needed. Further, the Prenatal Outreach Representatives offer business cards with contact information to the medical professionals and are available via telephone calls or in person.

Prenatal Outreach Representative training is offered to so that representatives understand the organization and focus of the Prenatal Outreach program. The training also instructs parents and staff about how to act as representatives of local organizations.

This page is specifically for the Parent Outreach Representatives selected to represent local advocacy organizations. However, some people may reside in places where there are no local advocacy organizations for hundreds of mile. If this is the case for your organization, please contact us so that we can provide you with customized support at

In addition, if you are interested in further participating in a live webinar or inviting us to participate in your local training, please contact us at


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PHT 203: Prenatal Medical Outreach Training for Trainees

Description Target Audience: Volunteers and staff at local advocacy organizations who want to undergo training to become Prenatal Outreach Representatives ...