Be included in cultural competency efforts with medical systems, schools, and Departments of Public Health:

How do these entities describe Down syndrome—if at all? Are people with disabilities being included in educational efforts? 

  • Search websites and send emails:
    • Key terms:
    • “Down syndrome”
    • Disability”
    • “Diversity”
    • “health equity”
    • “health disparities”
    • “bias”
    • “minority underserved populations”
  • ACOG example
  • CDPH example

What are the values of the organizations/entities?

  • DEI?
  • Health disparities
  • Discrimination/bias

Who is the contact?

  • Search website: Program Manager for Equity Transformation
    • Google “name” + email
  • Find out the names of the lieutenants and email them 
  • Ask other professionals/colleagues
  • Contact your local school of public health
  • Contact local medical school
  • Try to contact a human first and reach out to express concern.

Write a letter of concern and recruit collaborators—multiple organizations gives it strength.

  • Other general disability organizations
  • DD Council
  • Protection and Advocacy

Use the language that matters to them.

Social media and media campaign

  • Use the levers you have.
  • You have more power than you think you do.
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